The Collectors

Of the 364 collecting events represented by the plant specimens only 65 have a named collector. It is possible that H. J.  Burkill contributed many of the earlier unattributed specimens. This is discussed by Hollins & Plant (1988) and Jennings et al. (in press). Some of the collectors were major figures in the LNHS during their time - as Presidents and leaders of committees etc. Ross and Niblett were leading cecidologists.

Edmund Browne Bishop  (E. B. Bishop)

H. Britten

Harold John Burkill

Rev. Philip Henry Cooke

John E. S. Dallas

Arthur Augustine Dallman

Hilda Franks

Miss M. Hose (Mrs Wilson)

Montague Niblett

Charles Smith Nicholson

Miss E. S. Noel

John Cuthbert Robbins

Randolph William Robbins

Joseph Ross

Herman Spooner

Lawrence John Tremayne

Elsie M. Wakefield

Mrs Wilde

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