History of the LNHS Gall Collection

2020 NHM website for the LNHS plant gall collection is developed and uploaded. The LNHS gall collection paper is published in the 'London Naturalist'.
2019 The collection is databased, digitised and added to the museum's Emu database.
2018 The LNHS gall collection project begins to document the collection.
2010 The collection is frozen to -30deg.C to kill possible pests and transferred to the Cocoon in the new Darwin Centre 2 Building.
1995 The collection is transferred to the British Museum (Natural History), now known as the Natural History Museum.
1994 The Passmore Museum is closed and a new home for the collection is sought. Ruth Day (LNHS President) promotes saving the collection for future generations.
1988 The collection is fully documented and a catalogue and history is published by Hollins and Plant
1976 The collection is almost thrown away but is rescued and transferred to the Passmore Edwards Museum, Essex.
1949 Collecting is disrupted by WW2 and the last specimen is added in this year.
1929 The 1920's is the period of most gall-collecting activity, 1929 being the peak year with 40 specimens collected.
1915 When H.J.Burkill joins the LNHS he is the stimulus for the creation of a Plant Gall Section, which leads eventually to the creation of this collection.
1898 The earliest plant gall in the collection is contributed by C.S. Nicholson, but the specimen must have been added at a later date.

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