History of the London Natural History Society

The London Natural History Society was formed in 1913 when the North London Natural History Society merged with the City of London Entomological and Natural History Society. The study area of the Society is a circle 20 miles around St. Paul's Cathedral. As such, it takes in parts of Surrey, Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire, old Middlesex and Buckinghamshire. The LNHS publishes two journals. The London Bird Report and The London Naturalist. The latter has an unbroken publishing record since the formation of the Society. Shown here is The London Naturalist 44 for 1965. The Biodiversity Heritage Library https://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/ has accessible copies of all of the "London Naturalist" to 2008. See also the London Natural HIstory Society website http://lnhs.org.uk/

More information about the history of the London Natural History Society can be found in Castell (1957)

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